Layer Architecture and DisableEventFiring

Some time ago, I had the problem that I wanted to stop an event from triggering cascadingly. That is usually not the biggest problem. The SPItemEventReceiver class contains a protected method for static void DisableEventFiring(); and static void EnableEventFiring(); that it inherits from Microsoft.SharePoint.SPEventReceiverBase. The first method prevents code from triggering further events and the second reactivates the default functionality.

Default functionality: Every Update(), Update(bool) (SystemUpdate(), SystemUpdate(bool)) method on SPWeb, SPList or SPListItem triggers all events that are registered with the according object (for ListItems this is the list they belong to (SPListItem.ParentList)).

If you have a layer architecture and you do not want to put all your code into the feature receiver methods, then you have a little problem that can be solved by created the following class:

public class DisableEventFiring: SPEventReceiverBase, IDisposable
  public DisableEventFiring()
  public void Dispose()

Now you can call from anywhere in your code:

void MyMethod(SPListItem itemWithTriggerEvents)
  using(new DisableEventFiring())
    // or itemWithTriggerEvents.SystemUpdate();

Important to understand is also the disposal of the object. Using the “using”-block you can dispose the object directly and also you don’t need to worry about reactivating the event firing.

Happy SharePointing!


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