Developing for MOSS2007 with Visual Studio 2010 RC

So I went crazy again! Trying to evaluate Visual Studio 2010 RC. I thought: “Hey, if there are project templates for MOSS 2007 (see image below), then I can develop with it, maybe they did something new regarding intellisense.”

Stupid me. Check it out. There are two workflows you can choose from…there’s not even an empty MOSS 2007 Project to choose from. With VS2008 at least you get the visual studio extensions for sharepoint you can download which will probably be upgraded to 2010 some time soon, but I mean seriously, I did expect better from Microsoft. For all their marketing concerning the new experience developing with SP2010 they could have helped developers out at that point.

Visual Studio 2010 Project Templates for MOSS 2007

Could have just read this first: Doing SharePoint 2007 Development in Visual Studio 2010

Two things of course are unclear:
1) Will the extensions for Visual Studio 2010 help development for MOSS 2007?
2) Might the templates for SP2010 be usable for MOSS2007 (that is the basic templates, I know that there are new features so that an SP2010 solution will probably not be compatible for MOSS2007)?

Wow! This is another shocker “MS-style”: The SharePoint connections explorer view only works for sp2010, so I can just remove my installation of VS2010, because it has absolutely no added value for MOSS 2007 development. *whisper* OMG *whisper*


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