VirtualBox (

A colleague of mine mentioned the Oracle product VirtualBox to me recently. Now one thing was pretty interesting…I have a virtual machine: see this for more information and of course I am using snapshots (I am not THAT crazy you know ;)). So what happens is that I give my colleague that vm and he converts it to use it with virtualbox. Now everybody knows what’s coming, right? He starts the virtual box image and tells me I got no SharePoint installation running. I’m all: “You kidding? Of course I do. Check the browser, I got a favorite on the central admin and my development port.” He sends me a screenshot where I can see, there are no favorite links in the toolbar…

So what happend? I guess he took a one of the shapshot vmdks (image disks). That sucks! But he installed his own little SP2010 on win 7 and he said it’s fast as hell. That’s a big difference to my installation…(it’s really slow). It should have something to do with VirtualBox. I will be evaluating that, but it could be a nice little life-saver if it’s a lot faster for x64 images than vm workstation.

Good old Sun…I guess I’ll always use their products… 😉


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