Where can I find the internal fieldname via SharePoint 2010 GUI?

Okay, so as developer it is fairly easy to get the internal name of a field via debugging. You can also write some extraction code or you could use the visual studio server explorer. When you have a production server and/or you can’t do either, this is what you can do:

Internal Fieldname

Go to the list edit page via link (URL of Site/Name of List/_layouts/listedit.aspx?List={Guid of List}) or use the ribbon to go there.

There you will find the list of columns. If you hover over one of the columns you will see the link on the status bar, which has a get-parameter called ‘Field’. The value of this parameter is the internal name.

Why would you need this, you ask? Well it’s fairly easy to deduct from the display name what the internal should be, but once you rename the display name or the internal name gets truncated, because the name you entered was too long, you might not know what it is.

As usual, I search and don’t find, I write, search for references and find, what I am writing…oh well:



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