Permissions needed to start a Workflow on an item

So, I have been working with SharePoint (sequential) workflows in the recent past and my customer wanted me to find an easier way of starting a workflow on an item.

The usual way of doing this:
– Locate the list, go to the respective view
– Locate the item, hover over it, and select it using the checkbox in front of the item
– Select the workflows button inside of the ribbon (items tab)
– Select the workflow from the list of shown workflows

This post and this image
Starting a workflow in three steps
show how to do this in detail.

There is another way of doing it by using the context menu of the item.
– Hover over the item, select the context menu from the title field
– find and select the workflows link on the context menu
– select the workflow from the list of shown workflows

Now if at any point of this process the workflows button is deactivated/ inactive then you do not have the right permissions to execute the workflow.

To trigger a workflow you need
– “Edit Items permissions to start a workflow. ”
– “Some workflows may require that you also have the Manage Lists permission, or another specific permission, to start a workflow on a document or item.”

Now the ‘Edit Permissions’ I get, the ‘Manage Lists Permission’ not so much. Maybe because of the init data – if you have an init form the data is serialized and may just be stored with the list, so that could make sense.

Anyway, I plead for a ‘Start workflow Manually’ permission without actually having permissions to manage the list. That would be great for the next SharePoint Version.


2 Responses to Permissions needed to start a Workflow on an item

  1. Vinay says:

    i can’t even see a button to start workflow, can anyone tell me that what might the problem or i don’t have the permission to see it

  2. sp2007hut says:

    Hi Vinay.

    If you do not see the workflow settings button on the list or library you do not have the necessary permissions. You need to have the “manage list permissions” for this. If you see the settings button, but not the workflow itself, then you need to associate the workflow to the list, before triggering the workflow on an item of the list. Hope that helps.

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