SharePoint 2010 Record Center – available ListTemplates (SPWeb.ListTemplates)

So I needed the Record Library ListTemplateId for querying. This is how I found out. Reason for posting is not that you couldn’t figure it out by yourself – it’s not that hard, but having the ListTemplates available quickly (primarily for myself ;-)).

List sortedTypes = new List();
foreach (SPListTemplate current in web.ListTemplates)
sortedTypes.Sort((x, y) => string.Compare(x.ToString(), y.ToString()));
Name Type_Client Type
Survey 102 Survey
Asset Library 851 851
No Code Workflows 117 NoCodeWorkflows
Custom List 100 GenericList
Custom List in Datasheet View 120 CustomGrid
External List 600 ExternalList
Custom Workflow Process 118 WorkflowProcess
Data Sources 110 DataSources
No Code Public Workflows 122 NoCodePublic
Workflow History 140 WorkflowHistory
Pages Library 850 850
Slide Library 2100 2100
Issue Tracking 1100 IssueTracking
Wiki Page Library 119 WebPageLibrary
Picture Library 109 PictureLibrary
Links 103 Links
Record Library 1302 1302
Document Library 101 DocumentLibrary
Form Library 115 XMLForm
Discussion Board 108 DiscussionBoard
Tasks 107 Tasks
Project Tasks 150 GanttTasks
Announcements 104 Announcements
Contacts 105 Contacts
Calendar 106 Events

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