Where are my log files?

Most of you know, that the default directory SharePoint stores its ULS in is [system drive]:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\LOGS\.

Most of you also know that you can change that value via central admin > monitoring > configure diagnostic logging > trace path to something like
E:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\LOGS\ if you need it to go to a different internal drive. You could put it in E:\SharePointLogs for all SharePoint cares.

What I didn’t know and why I am writing the post is, that sometimes, and I don’t know for what reason SharePoint thinks it needs to write the logs into C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Temp

it seems from

that it might be a permissions issue.
I changed the permissions for the folder so that the local service and the wss_wpg group have enough permissions. will see if this solves the issue.

interestingly enough I also found out what I need to do, when I cannot copy & paste between vms.

check for the process rdpclip.exe in processes of task manager. kill the process if exists. switch to applications tab and select new task. enter rdpclip.exe. try again to copy & paste. Happiness!


One Response to Where are my log files?

  1. sp2007hut says:

    So I had this issue yet again and found this blog from toddk so the thing that I found interesting was the comment on the bottom:


    “Also one more ensure that the LOCAL SERVICE account has modify permissions on the LOG directory too.”

    Trying this now in hopes that this error will not show up anymore. This time the problem was disk size. The logs did not get purged automatically, so I had 40 GB of logs on my test system. Well nothing like purging manually then, right?

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